Will’s Warriors

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Will’s Warriors: Using your Big Day for a Great Cause

If you’re on social media these days, you’ve likely already seen that people are donating their birthdays to causes that they are passionate about. In various ways, they are requesting donations to community organizations in lieu of personal gifts.

Can my child do this for their birthday? Absolutely! In fact, asking for donations to charitable causes instead of birthday gifts may be the perfect way for your child to give back on their special day.

You may be thinking, “Why would any child want to give their birthday to a cause?”

You might be surprised at how many children become excited about the prospect of using their birthday as a way to contribute to their communities! Many families have done exceptionally well at instilling charitable values and compassion within their children. However, it’s often difficult for our keiki to find ways of expressing these things in meaningful ways. By helping them to do this, we strengthen their sense of community and help them express their care for their neighbors.

The first step toward getting your child excited about donating their birthday party to a cause is to discuss it with them! See what they think about the cause and discuss the prospect of being able to directly help. You may be surprised at their response.

We developed the concept of Will’s Warriors for children because it embodies the generous and compassionate spirit of Will Smith, an eight-year-old boy whose life was tragically cut short here on Maui. The Imua Discovery Garden will be a place of happiness, discovery, and inspiration for children on Maui for years to come: a place where children and families will come together and connect in meaningful ways.

“This idea was inspired by my own eight year old son who offered to give up his birthday gifts to raise money to help build the Discovery Garden. My son is all about play and connecting with other children through play and discovery. This is something he could understand and something that he and many children will benefit from for years to come. When I started his fundraiser on social media and saw the joy it was bringing him, I immediately thought there had to be a way to share this experience and growth with other children.”
– Dean Wong, Executive Director – Imua Family Services

Will’s Warriors

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