It is the individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, and volunteers who give us the ability to empower children and their families to reach their full potential. Imua Family Services is able to serve this community and move forward with its vision because of your ongoing support and contributions. 

Below are the individual people at the heart of our community.

Add your name to this list:

A Million Dreams

Individual Donors

Pia Aluli
Rita Anderson
Stephanie Austin
Mary & Shell Bradman
Richard & Lynn Buckley¹
Lani Cohen
Robert & Karen Cole
Gretchen Cook
Josh DeSilva
Michael Fahey
Adrian Fourie & Nancy Hendler-Fourie
Adam Fuderer
Ronald & Kay Fukumoto
Brent & Kimberly Gale
Ron Gess & Shirley Chun-Ming
Ziskin Harmon*
Elaine Hart
Lukas Hunziker
Robin Kaiser
Kelly & Robert King
Darren Lisiten and Heidi Krupp-Lisiten
Felicitas and Gerard Livaudais²
Edward & Maya Manley
Judy McCorkle & Tom Reed
Kenneth Rendell & Shirley McNerney
Lenna & Douglas Miller
Wally (doggie) Miller*
Timothy Moore
Mike & Judi Nicholson
Dania Novack
Carol Olsen
Ralph Pais & Gayl Huston
Artie Parti
Cindi Pojas Smith
Karen Yokouchi Polvere
Roy Reyes
Nancy & Ray Rogers
Adele Rugg
Cristina Schenk
Ruth Skripac
Margaret Sharpe
Marsha Sharpe
Dr. David Shaw
Lili Townsend
Steve Ulene
Caron Barrett & Deborah Vial
Janis Von Thaden*
Jed & Erica White
James & Kathleen Worley
Wallace Yanagi*

(* – in honor of)

¹ Mahalo to Richard & Lynn Buckley for supporting The Buckley Butterfly Pavilion

² Mahalo to the Baja Livaudais Family (Felicitas and Gerard) – Mahalo for honoring your family with a Park Bench – “In Loving Memory of your Lolo & Lola”